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A Clutter-Free Kitchen!
The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is more than just a place where meals are prepared. It is a room in the house where the family comes together to eat, drink and socialize. Most families start and end their day in the kitchen. In the morning, the hustle and bustle fills the room as people are making coffee, eating breakfast, feeding the dog, and packing lunches. Then everyone is off to school or work. As family members end their day, they are back in the kitchen, gathered around the dinner table, enjoying a meal together. With all this activity in the kitchen, it is easy to lose control and let the clutter take over. Therefore, it is important to have a system in place to keep this room organized and efficient.

Under the Kitchen Sink
How many times have you opened the cabinet under the sink to grab some cleaning supplies, only to knock over everything else around it? Then, with frustration, you close the cabinet and forget about this space until the next time you clean. When it comes to organizing your kitchen, this area is normally forgotten about. It is out of sight, out of mind. You accumulate so many different types of cleaning products over the years that they begin to take over your cabinet. One helpful tip is to turn the Divided Ultra™ Caddy into a cleaning caddy. Choose your favorite cleaning supplies and put them into the caddy along with any gloves, sponges or rags you may need. Having everything in one place creates a great grab-and-go solution for cleaning any room in the house. For all of the miscellaneous things kept under the kitchen sink, utilize the Large Stacking Baskets to maximize vertical space and keep everything easily accessible.

Food Storage Organization
Storing your food storage containers can be a nightmare! You can never find the size you need, and once you do, you definitely cannot find the right cover. No matter where you store these containers in your kitchen, there is no easy solution to the mess. With Sterilite's line of Ultra•Seal™ food storage containers, you will never have this problem again. The color-coding system eliminates the challenge of identifying which lid goes to which base. Another great feature is that all food storage containers of the same color nest perfectly inside one another to help save space. Check out our blog for step-by-step directions on how to create a lid rack for your food storage containers. This DIY project is easy to create and will allow you to separate lids by size and color in your cabinet.

K-Cup® Collection
Are you a coffee lover? If so, you probably know how important that first sip of coffee is when you wake up. These morning minutes are precious, and you do not want to waste time digging through the mound of K-Cups® to find the flavor you want. Nothing should be getting in the way of your morning caffeine boost. To ensure that this coffee routine goes as smoothly as possible, the K-Cups® should be easy to find and nicely organized. By using the Small 3 Drawer Unit, you can store up to 45 K-Cups®, putting 15 in each drawer. There are many different ways to separate the K-Cups®. Each drawer could be allocated to a family member, a flavor, or a type of beverage. For example, you could have a drawer for coffee, a drawer for tea, and a drawer for hot chocolate. Not only does this maximize space on your counter, but it will speed up your morning coffee routine as well.

The Inevitable Junk Drawer
No one ever plans to have a junk drawer in their kitchen, but this mess is hard to avoid. Anything that does not have a home ends up being shoved in this drawer. From pens to batteries to flashlights and rubber bands, the junk drawer has it all. This collection continues to grow with time and the worst part is that you can never find what you need when you need it. Sterilite's storage trays are the perfect solution to tackle this chaos. The Mini Storage Tray, Storage Tray and Slim Storage Tray are just what you need to organize your junk drawer. These trays come in various shapes and sizes and any combination of the three will fit nicely in your drawer.

By following these simple tips for a more organized kitchen, you can spend less time cleaning the kitchen and more time enjoying meals with your family and friends.

Having all of your cleaning supplies in an easy-to-reach caddy helps you quickly tackle any mess in the home.

Finding the right lid is a breeze with this DIY food storage organizer.

This 3 Drawer Unit makes storing K-Cups® easy and efficient.

Storage trays help you control the chaos and transform your junk drawer.
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